Energy Management

Did you know that commercial buildings are the largest single consumers of energy in the United States?  Within every facility there is a need to monitor the usage of energy.  ESS provides energy management systems that use computer-based HVAC control systems to regulate HVAC systems for your campus or facility.

ESS can design and install new building management systems or services to optimize your existing control systems and organize all of your information in a customized dashboard.  We will start with creating a plan that meets your specific needs, designing the system to best fit your facility, installing the system, and finishing up by training your staff on how to benefit from and manage the system.

An energy management system from ESS will provide you with a clear picture of your systems.  It will help control costs and lower energy output.  With a growing trend for businesses to become more environmentally responsible, why not be more eco-friendly when you can cut costs at the same time?

Not sure where to start, but know that you would like to make your facility more energy efficient?  Let ESS perform an assessment of your facility and provide you with solutions that will help lower energy consumption.

Building Automation Systems

ESS can design, install, service and re-commission your building automation system or HVAC control system.  Interested in scheduling, a standard graphic interface or remote interface through smart phones or Wi-Fi devices?  ESS can provide these options along with training for your staff on how to use these systems.  Call us today to find out more!

Think that lighting controls might be the pathway to transitioning your facility into one that is more environmentally responsible? ESS provides design, installation and integration of lighting control systems.  Motion detectors, daylight harvesting and dimming controls are all great energy saving options.  Call us today to find out how you can cut costs by investing in lighting controls.  At ESS, we can find the right solution to fit your needs.

  • Remote monitoring of facility HVAC systems, electrical systems, sprinkler systems, and building occupancy.
  • Ability to react quickly to increased demand and potential comfort issues.
  • Capable of knowing equipment malfunctions before occupants complain.
  • Increased comfort of facility.
  • Increased performance of equipment.
  • Email and text alerts for any issues detected.


Integration of your systems not only simplifies the process, it saves you money as well. At ESS, we can integrate multiple control manufacturers into one standardized control system. Have you ever considered integrating existing controls with lighting controls, sprinkler systems, fire alarm, access control, CCTV or other systems to operate from one graphical interface? We can make this happen for you. A great example would be using access control to turn on the lights in a room, reset HVAC to an occupied set point, turn on exhaust fans and at the same time, record the entry of the person coming into the building! We can integrate systems monitoring such as data center temperature and refrigeration systems. There are so many options available. Call us today to find out more.

  • Combine multiple systems into one monitoring system such as fire alarm, HVAC controls, lighting control, sprinkler systems, and fuel systems.
  • Unify multiple buildings with differing control systems into one single campus wide server based system.
  • Tie alarms to work order systems for streamlining the resolution process.


Should you decide that an energy management system is right for your facility, ESS can provide, install and train your staff on the energy management software and dashboards. A dashboard provides multiple levels of monitoring throughout your facility. Each system is fully customizable for each user and has public display options as well.

  • Provides information from Building Automation systems in an organized browser customized for each user.
  • Provides analytics to point out areas needing attention.
  • Provides non-technical people useable information about the facility energy usage.

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