PA Equipment

PA Equipment

You’ve decided that a new Public Address System is right for you, but you need to know a little more about them. ESS has certified trained specialists who can not only explain to you the specific product details for each item, they can come out and install them when you’ve made your choice.

PA Systems feature 4 basic parts:

  • Speaker or Horn
  • Baffle
  • Backbox
  • Microphone

Speakers are what you would think of as a traditional speaker, like the one in your stereo. And a horn is what you see in warehouses a lot of times, especially in movies. They look like the end of a megaphone. The speaker/horn is obviously what casts out the soundwaves, but there are different sizes and capabilities for specific application. ESS can show you models that are designed for your specific purpose or need.

Baffles are what you would see in front of the speaker, attached with the backbox. It’s essentially a speaker grill. If you’ve noticed yours have gotten a few bends and dings in them over the years, ESS can help you replace those eye-sores.

The backbox is the speaker housing. In certain models, the backbox helps to project more sound, allowing you to get more from a smaller speaker. Let us help you to design the right system for your needs.

Speakers and horns also are available in speaker or horn assemblies, which would come with matching and perfectly fitting backboxes, baffles, and speakers/horns.

Microphone… ok, we’re not gonna explain this one.

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